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G-Star Raw

With the basic philosophy "Just the Product" a Belgian / Dutch jeans empire was founded in 1989. G-Star created the combination of high-quality craftsmanship and street-worthy fashion, established untreated raw denim as a popular material and developed a specific denim silhouette, which can be recognized in every pair of jeans, based on architectural influences and 3-D ideas. Through custom washes and treatments, quality materials and creative ingenuity, G-Star includes a modern range of denim styles, from raw unwashed denim to indigo-dyed or bleached bleached pieces. Find your new personal favorite part, let our teams advise you and enjoy this unique shopping experience.

Phone: (030) 20644463

Leipziger Platz 12, D-10117 Berlin / Germany

+49 (30) 20621770

[email protected]



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