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"Jewelery is memory, history, feeling." (Miranda Konstantinidou). Miranda Konstantinidou's jewelery can be purchased worldwide in more than 80 KONPLOTT Mono Brand Stores: Germany - Russia - China. Estonia - Mongolia - Luxembourg. Belarus - Italy - Switzerland - USA. Every single piece of jewelry is designed by Miranda Konstantinidou himself. The jewelery is crafted by hand in traditional craftsmanship in her manufactory of more than 1000 women and issued in limited quantities. Her Resort & Cruise collection debuted a lot on the Runway of Fashion Week in Berlin. "We are a women's company," says jewelery and fashion designer Miranda Konstantinidou, who, as the "Queen of Colors", has set fashion jewelery trends with her jewelery for years. The enormous variety of her creations is legendary: "Every woman has many facets. We all have so much wealth, so many possibilities and moods in us. I want to emphasize that. I do not like talking about certain types of women, "says Konstantinidou. Since 2012 Miranda Konstantinidou shows her eponymous Resort & Cruisewear during the Fashion Week Berlin. A symbiosis of fashion, jewelery and accessories - her collection describes an all-encompassing complete work. The graduate fashion designer and graduate fashion designer was born in Thessaloniki (Greece), grew up in Germany, studied in Bologna (Italy) and Trier and lives today in Cebu (Philippines). In 1986 she founded the designer label KONPLOTT / Miranda Konstantinidou, which she still leads with great passion. "Jewelry is memory, history, feeling. Like music and smells, it is directly related to the experience. "- Miranda Konstantinidou wants to make the world glitter.

Phone:(030) 20076990

Leipziger Platz 12, D-10117 Berlin / Germany

+49 (30) 20621770

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