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Einstein Kaffee

Coffee specials for cozy hours: Delicious coffees, such as the creamy latte with a slight cardamom and caramel note warm the heart and hands. In the Einstein coffee, over 20 types of beans from five continents ensure a guaranteed taste experience.The special feature of Einstein coffee is the philosophy of this extraordinary coffee roasting plant. Only Arabica beans are used to make the fine highland coffees. Since 1978, the coffee beans are roasted artisanal in Charlottenburg and delivered fresh from day to day to the cafes. The most important item - that of the roasting master - is passed on from generation to generation. He keeps the secret to the exact recipe of the special Viennese coffeehouse mixture, which makes the Einstein coffee so special.

Phone: (030) 20620207

Leipziger Platz 12, D-10117 Berlin / Germany

+49 (30) 20621770

[email protected]



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