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Perfect after work run

Like every Tuesday, it's after-work time!

We will run with you in 4 speed groups through Berlin's most beautiful park and all around. And don't worry: No one will be left behind.

Speed groups:

  • Beginner: run/walk unit at a speed of about 7:30 min/km
  • HappyFeet(s): 6:30 min/km
  • Six Feet Under: 6:00 min/km
  • Pacelovers: 5:30 min/km and faster

Meeting point will be 18:00 in the on the event area "Piazza" in front of the entrance to the Allstar Gym (gym). We will leave at 18:30. You can use the locker rooms and showers at Allstar Gym for free. We are happy to see you! 

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+49 (30) 20621770

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